We are often asked for references in the gluten free community.
Here are some of the blogs that we absolutely love!

  • Paleo Parents
    Matt and Stacy are keeping their family well fed and healthy by eating and living a paleo lifestyle.
  • Against All Grain
    Beautiful pictures, better food. Read her story to see how life altering paleo was for her.
  • Urban Poser
    We can’t wait till her pastry book comes out! Yogi and mom, she crafts beautiful food.
  • The Whole 30
    Dallas and Melissa are helping people with a 30 day challenge to better their health. Try this! – We sell their book in our store, that’s how much we believe in it.
  • Paleomg
    The infamous Crossfitter and paleo blogger, Juli Bauer. Her food is incredibly good.
  • Rob Wolf
    Enough said.
  • Lauren Cordain
    The grandfather of paleo.
  • The clothes make the girl
    Melissa has a collection of great recipes in her two cook books.