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Our cookies and brownies are baked fresh to order and contain only the finest natural ingredients. Each cookie and brownie is individually wrapped in environmentally-friendly compostable cellophane and heat-sealed to maintain peak freshness.
 Since they are made with fresh all-natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil and contain no preservatives (other than honey which is a natural preservative), we recommend that they be kept refrigerated for a longer shelf life. They will last at least a week this way. They can also be kept in their wrapping, stored in freezer bags, and then frozen for 3 months with no loss of flavor or texture.

Few can resist our decadent Double Chocolate Fantasy, Cranberry Walnut Craving or Raisin n’ Spice & Everything Nice flavors (ummm, YUM)! Everyone who tastes our cookies and brownies can’t believe they’re made without wheat flour and are gluten free. Unlike other gluten-free baked goods, ours are moist, soft, chewy & FLAVORFUL – not dry, crumbly & tasteless (or cardboard-tasting)! We know they’ll have you craving more.

Please call us at (774) 228-2946 or email us at for a free consultation or to order. Do you have a specific theme or flavor in mind? We’d love to work with you to create something special.