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By popular demand we now have baking mixes so now you can enjoy our White Lion treats fresh from your own kitchen. You can find the ingredient lists for these mixes by checking under the corresponding ‘ready-made’ products under “Celebration Cakes”, “Cupcakes and Muffins”, “Buns and Biscuits” and “Cookies” tabs. All of our mixes are perfectly paleo and can also be made dairy-free with the substitution of coconut oil for grass-fed-butter! Now there’s no excuse not to have a gluten-free or paleo-friendly treat on hand at all times. A cinch to make with our easy step-by-step instructions!

These keep for up to 6 months in the fridge or freezer, so stock up for upcoming birthdays or family get-togethers so you can serve a grain-free, gluten-free treat to your guests!

Need more recipe ideas? Contact us please call us at (774) 228-2946 or e-mail us at Info@WhiteLionBaking.com and we’ll be happy to send you additional recipes and uses for our mixes. All mixes contain instructions for baking each product.

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