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Chive Bread Rolls

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Parisian Dijon Biscuits

Just 2g carbs each! Low carb dieters and diabetics rejoice! These lovely gourmet biscuits are made with almond flour and flavored with dijon mustard, fresh thyme and garlic. They're perfect spread with a little butter to accompany a salad, soup, steak or burgers! We love to split and pan fry them in a little butter and top with eggs over-easy for breakfast. Add a slice of ham or smoked salmon - divine!
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White Lion Bread Rolls

Gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free! Just 3g carbs per bread roll! These come in the smaller dinner size roll, or now in a larger hamburger bun size. White, with a perfect fluffy texture these versatile rolls are the answer to everyone's search for a plain, grain-free bread! It's the perfect roll to use for strawberry shortcakes, to spread a little pastured butter and jam on for your breakfast, as a base for eggs or as a sandwich roll. These are sensational and we know you'll love them too. Kid-friendly too! We offer variations on this roll, just look under our products tab to choose. 6 rolls per order. Store covered and refrigerated for up to 5 days or freeze.  
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Cheddar, Onion & Jalepeno Buns

Gluten-free and grain-free! The first White Lion bun that can be used as sandwich bread or a burger bun! Featuring a light yet moist texture and the wonderful savory flavors of aged grass fed cheddar cheese, red onions and fresh jalapeno, these buns will satisfy any craving for bread or rolls! The jalapeno peppers add a fresh kick of flavor! These store well in the freezer - pull a few out as needed. Each bun is approx 5" in diameter (twice the size of our regular buns). Excellent filled with smoked turkey, cheddar and mayo as a sandwich or wrapped around a burger. These can also be made "kid-friendly" (i.e.: without jalapeno or onion) upon request. 6 rolls per order
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Kalamata Olive & Rosemary Bread Rolls

Gluten-free, grain free and dairy free! Aromatic and redolent of kalamata olives, rosemary and garlic. A satisfying and full-bodied bready biscuit that leaves you wanting for nothing. Excellent with eggs over easy for breakfast, any dinner and a perfect partner to an antipasto platter. A meal in itself!
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Parmesan-Herb Biscuits

Grain-free and gluten-free! Light, fluffy, savory Italian-influenced bread-y biscuits that are a perfect partner for marinara sauces or even as a sandwich roll. A perfect blend of satisfying herby-garlicky aromas. Magnifico!
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