Growing up, Easter was always spent at my grandparents’ home in the hills of Fall River.  The lush backyard would be set up for croquet before we arrived, and all the colored eggs filled with quarters would be waiting for us, hidden in the cracks of the old stone walls and the tree hollows and the shadows of the grapevine arbors.  My grandfather, who smoked cigars and spoke out of the corner of his mouth and had a great sense of humor, used to mimic the mating call of the chickadees nesting nearby, a sound which to this day reminds me of him whenever I hear it.

The food was delicious, I’m sure.  My grandparents were Portuguese and therefore everything was spiced and made in large quantities and we were never allowed to stop eating.  But what I remember most about Easter dinner was the cake my cousins always brought from home.  It was shaped like a bunny and coated with coconut and surrounded by jelly beans, as I imagine most Easter cakes are.  And as you might imagine any small child would, I looked forward to it every year.

This bunny cake from WLBC has all of the warm fuzzies-inducing adorableness that my childhood cake had, if not more (it’s 3-D, there are paws involved, the carrots…!).  And it’s completely gluten-free!  The vanilla cake comes in two sizes and is made to order using your choice of cream cheese frosting or, for a dairy-free option, honey and coconut oil frosting.  All dyes are created with vegetable paste, so rest assured every bite of this treat is 100% naturally delicious.

Whether or not you celebrate any holiday for its religious beginnings, there’s something to be said for partaking in the ritual of the day itself – ridiculous outfits included.  It is an opportunity to pause and reflect, gather and reconnect.  To create the memories for your children that your parents or grandparents created for you, that surely one day they will reminisce and laugh about too.

Why not make The Bunny Cake a part of your Easter traditions?  Stop by today or give us a call to order yours and check one more task off your holiday to-do list.  Happy Easter from all of us at WLBC!