audrey pancake
There’s something so comforting about a pile of pancakes when the world looks like a frozen wasteland outside your window. When you’ve been white-knuckle driving at 15mph for the last two weeks and there’s nothing good on the radio and your eyes have more bags than an airport because instead of sleeping lately you’ve been running on coffee with a side of coffee.

Today, these pancakes from @whitelionbaking saved me. I had been up at 4:30, growling empty threats to the universe like a prodded bear in hibernation. We were two people down at work for hours, it was unusually busy for a weekday in February, the temperature outside was actually dropping as the sun rose higher. Skating up the driveway around lunchtime, smelling like stale sweat and (what else?) coffee, I was reminded that I still hadn’t gone food shopping – the last thing I wanted to drag my kids out to do when we were already hungry and the wind chill outside would make a yeti cry.

Enter The Pancakes.

Even as a longtime Paleo diet enthusiast, I admit I had my doubts here. How could a batter not loaded with white flour and buttermilk create the thick, fluffy pancake that we were longing for? And wouldn’t the almond flour make it dense and nutty? But my children had pancakes on the brain and during the most miserable winter of their existence thus far I did not want to disappoint them. So I put on my best Relax Kids, I Know What I’m Doing face, and gave it a go.

Into a bowl went the mix, followed by eggs, vanilla and milk (it calls for coconut, I used almond). Some whisking was involved, which is a lovely job my girls always fight over. I used grass-fed butter in the pan; you could use ghee or coconut oil instead.

You guys…these pancakes were phenomenal. Not only were they thick and fluffy, they did NOT taste nutty, or mealy, or even cardboard-y like you might expect. They were perfectly airy with a slight crunch around the edges and just the right amount of sweetness. My girls and I topped ours off with bananas and sliced almonds for extra calories, and of course real maple syrup. My oldest said they were the best pancakes she’d ever had. I was particularly impressed with the way they filled me up quickly but did not leave me feeling bloated or physically remorseful (gluten-free for the win!).

As a parent, I want to create nostalgia for my children. I want them to get excited for things like pancakes; for whisking the ingredients together, for watching the batter bubble in the pan, for the treat of maple syrup and the joy of putting their favorite toppings on. In the past, I’ve longed for pancakes to be part of our regular meal rotation….but I never felt good about putting so much refined sugar and flour into our bodies at one time. Now, thanks to the growing demand for real food and businesses like the White Lion Baking Co., we can create those warm, special memories with a sound mind.

Before the temperature drops any further, do yourself a favor and go stock up on this pancake mix from WLBC. Pick it up in-store, or skip that whole leaving your house thing and have it delivered to your door by ordering online. When the snow starts falling again, you’ll be glad you did.