When is a cheesecake not just a cheesecake? When it represents something much more meaningful to you than a tasty treat.

We are entering the season of memory making, which is embraced by some and dreaded by others. As a mom I can attest to the amount of pressure that rides on the back of this phrase. Have I made enough pies yet? Have my kids seen enough holiday lights? Have I taught them enough about being thankful? How many people do I need to give gifts to? How many people really care about receiving a Christmas card? Which traditions are worth keeping and which ones are just stressing me out? It’s enough to make anyone a little Scroogey. That’s a word, guys, you can use it.

Our memory making shouldn’t be powered by anxiety. It should be simple and feel natural. More often than not, when we reminisce about the holidays, we remember the laughter. Uncle George’s jokes. The grandparents, when they were alive, holding their newest grandbabies. The smell of mulled cider wafting from the kitchen or the crackling fire mesmerizing both cousins and kittens alike. These are the best memories, the ones no one had to work for. Just gathering together in a warm place and feeling grateful that it was possible to do so.

I decided to seize the moment last week after I lay my youngest daughter down for her nap, and enjoy some precious alone time with my oldest who was all too eager. We had visited the bakery earlier in the day and had brought home several slices of pumpkin cheesecake as a special treat. So I told Abigail to put on her jacket and shoes and I grabbed one slice of cheesecake for us to share outside. We sat beneath a tree of her choosing and atop a cozy bed of moss we indulged in a tiny picnic for two like a couple of Beatrix Potter characters. My daughter was in little girl heaven, alone with her momma, a plate of special goodness all to herself…and that’s when I realized how easy it all really was. In the eyes of a child, at least, the most cherished memories are simply unadulterated moments of connecting with someone they love. No great efforts made, no fanfare, no frightening amounts of money spent. Just time.

So when is a cheesecake more than just a cheesecake? When it allows you to sit for a spell and breathe, and relish in your child. When you can savor the nostalgic aroma and flavor of the humble pumpkin mixed with earthy sweet spices and know that every bite is actually nourishing your body – not depleting it. This cheesecake from WLBC is completely in tune with the primal palate. It is gluten-free and uses no refined sugars or processed ingredients yet delivers all the best qualities of your favorite pumpkin dessert, and then some. Try it for yourself!

Visit us at the store or call today and reserve your orders of pumpkin cheesecake (or any of our tasty desserts) for all of your holiday parties and events. We can even ship right to your door (anywhere in the U.S.)! Take the pressure of memory-making off of your shoulders this year by letting us help you with the details. When the weather gets colder and you want to enjoy every minute you can to slow down and relax, you’ll be so glad you did. Did we mention that our pumpkin cheesecake literally made one customer cry (in a good way)? You’ll have to call us to hear the story!