Our Mission

At White Lion Baking Company, we’re wholly committed to the grain-free and gluten-free lifestyle and believe in using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything we make. Our goal is to make grain-free, refined sugar-free, soy free and processed oil-free baked goods that both taste amazing and are healthy and nutritious. Baked goods so great that you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a treat and not depriving yourself in any way.

Our Blog

White Lion Thanksgiving 2019 Orders

WHITE LION THANKSGIVING 2019 ORDERS Banana cream pie DF? - $25 Chocolate cream pie DF? - $27 Apple almond crisp pie DF/V - $30 Pumpkin pie DF (comes topped with DF whip) - $25 Pecan chocolate pie DF - [...]

Chicken Pot Pie By Audrey

It seems that everyone has one particular dish that they're scared to death to try and recreate in their own kitchen. No matter how much they love this particular meal, it is either too elaborate or involves too many foreign [...]